The above figures are strictly limited edition Vienna Bronzes that have been created by Salzburg Creations to celebrate the premier of the new Walt Disney Production, FANTASIA 2000.

FANTASIA 2000, the long awaited follow up to Disney's animated classic FANTASIA premiers on December 18th, 1999. This epic cartoon has seven segments, each one set to a famous piece of classical music. The above figures depict the characters from the segment that is set to Sir Edward Elgar's "POMP & CIRCUMSTANCE". In this segment Donald Duck and Daisy assist Noah during his journey on the Ark.

The ten animals and Ark have been cast and painted by hand, true to the style developed by the Vienna Bronze artists at the turn of the century. They have been licensed by the Disney Corporation and are exclusive collector's items. Only 200 sets will be made and will only be available for a limited time, up until April 30th. This unique collaboration between Disney and world famous Vienna Bronzes is destined to be among the most sought after and valuable collectibles of its kind.

Vienna Bronzes were first created in 1850, and are famous and distinguished by their naturalistic and detailed representation of human figures, and all species of animals. The pieces can differ in size from a few millimeters up to almost a meter. They are unequalled in their state of the art finish as they are beautifully cold painted and skillfully patinated, or gilded. Through their broad variety of subject, sizes and finishes, these bronzes have reflected the contemporary taste of the Viennese and European public in general, and they have been sold to collectors all over the world.

Each and every piece of the 'FANTASIA 2000' collection will be numbered and stamped to guarantee each figure's authenticity.

These figures can only be purchased as sets.

If you have questions or are interested in purchasing the FANTASIA 2000 Vienna Bronzes, please send us an e-mail or call 845-796-0675.


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